Studio photographs and work in progress
My Stidio in Norfolk UK Harry Rochat Press
The Rochat Press 2013 new casting
based on an 1854 Ullmer press
The preliminary drawing size is A4. As can be seen, nothing is traced. The sketch is reversed and redrawn on the lino. This allows changes to be made.
This is the preliminary proof of the Key block. It is taken to establish the position of the design ready for the colour block.
There are three lino blocks used. One of them is the Key Block (black) and the another is the Reduction Block used several times, cutting away more and more lino. The remaining block has bits of colour such as the rose hips. A finished print is a combination of layers of ink and is in an edition of 50 prints. In this example case, there are six layers of ink comprising blended colours. The images below are from the linocut ‘Sunset Phesants’ (Click to enlarge)
Stages in printing a linocut
Lino cutting tools
My Stidio in Norfolk UK
Colours are blended for the first printing. This comprises the sunset cloud, the rose hips and the pheasant colouring.
First colour printing. This is a colour block, one of two which have had the black block image offset to create a ghost image of the final black on the surface. The first printing has to be done on the entire edition as this printing block will be cut again and again.
Second printing. A colour block has been further cut and the extra clouds added.
Third printing. This is the first full colour graduation from main colour block. This Reduction block will be cut again for more colourand detail to be added.
This lino block is shown inked and ready to print the colours shown in the image to the right.
Fourth printing. This has the main detail of the foreground and the distant fields.
This is the final ‘reduced’ colour block and most of the lino has gone. What is left will darken the distant hedges and add colour to the foreground.
This is the fifth printing from the Reduction Block. All that remains now is to add the black from the Key Block.
Sunset Pheasants. Sixth and final black printing.